being diagram - individual     being diagram - community circle

as human beings we are both individuals and a community. the true way to “be” in the world is to balance all aspects of ourselves at once. to balance we both do not hold onto any particular thought, feeling, or emotion; and we do not push these thoughts, feelings, or emotions away. we both reach an equilibrium and are trying to maintain that balance at all times.

physically the body needs both movement and rest.

mentally the mind needs both stimulation and rest.

spiritually we need both belief and doubt.

we can both gain clarity in this moment, and recognize that no moment is static.

I cry for the creatures who get left behind
but everything will change in a blink of an eye
and if you wish to survive,
you will find the guide inside.

I go back and forth every single day,
the clarity it comes to me in a choppy way,
as the feelings and the places
and the seasons change,
the galaxies remain.
Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People

these things are both constantly at war within ourselves as individuals, communities, and throughout humanity as we relate to each other/ourselves and we are also always at peace by the stillness of each moment.

everything is both happening at once separately, and together.