Close to the Brink.

“The term psychotic or psychosis has been used in many different ways over time. In the past, it implied severity. When used in this context, someone with a condition like obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) might be called psychotic if that condition was extremely impairing. In the contemporary definition, this term refers to the presence of particular types of psychiatric symptoms, specifically: hallucinations (a sensory perception in an absence of an actual stimulus) and/or delusions (fixed false beliefs that are not held within the person’s subculture). A broader definition of psychosis would also include prominent disorganization in thinking, speech, and behavior.”
— University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

If you have ever felt close to the brink, then you have experienced your version of what Travis felt and why he had to leave. If you cannot understand why Travis had to leave, please remember your most awful experience, the one where you felt the worst that you have in your entire life. Travis got to that point when he decided to leave, and the best option that he knew, and that was his reality, was that he would be at peace if he left. The intensity of his pain on this earth was matched by the intensity of his peace when he left his body. So please, imagine the worst pain possible. That is what Travis was feeling. Suicide is not selfish. In this case, Travis was being the least selfish that he could possibly be. I felt an intense peace that I had never felt before in my life before he passed. He gave that to me and felt that I felt it, so he was content to leave the earth, knowing that that peace was with me. He knew that I could handle his death. When I found out, I screamed and felt the most intense pain of my entire life, which then quickly turned into an intense peace, more intense than the feeling of peace I had felt only hours before. That was Travis’s spirit passing into me, and his soul passing into the universe.

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